Our world would not be as bright or warm as it is if it were not for Sun rays that provide vital energy to all beings on the planet. We live off its energy and derive our strength and inspiration from it, as we do from Full Moon.
Rays are mighty. Rays are dazzling. Rays are unconstrained.
Rays penetrate both the air and the matter.
Rays also reach the depth of your being and bestow upon you the love with which we create each garment that embellishes your existence.
Rays stop at nothing, not even time.
Trends come and go; RAYS ENDURE.
We chose carefully to keep both your body and soul warm and cozy: go ahead, snuggle up into your new high quality clothes and savour the touch of the finest wool.
The vests and cami dresses made of raw cotton radiate tradition through your skin.
The collection stands for your ability to dare be beautifully different and eternally yours – unique, lively and bright.

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