Lilac combination

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This combination consists of a blouse and dress in lilac purple and a light undershirt that you can buy this way.

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tabela velicina


This sumptuous hand-dyed dress is made of fine woven cotton with a Serbian linen lining. The authentic technique which we dye the canvas makes the color penetrate unevenly into the water of the marble patterns, which ensures the uniqueness of each dress.
It is round around the neck with a cutout on the chest that reaches just below the waist. Sumptuous sleeves with elegant cuffs gives to this dress a romantic note, and slits on the shoulders adds a touch of mysticism and sensuality. The upper part of the dress falls freely and fluttering, and the pockets make it a shade more practical. This kind of dress in a combination of those o materials can be worn at a wedding or prom, as well as at a romantic dinner, a walk by the sea or an outdoor concert.

We make it in sizes from 36 to 44.

This lightweight and special lilac blouse is made of hand-dyed woven cotton. The technique we use to paint is our authentic one, which allows for the arrangement of color in the form of marble patterns, so each blouse is actually unique.
It is light as a feather and soft as a soul.
The frills on the shoulders and the cuffs on the sleeves gives it a special touch of romance, and the deep V-neck gives it a touch of femininity and freedom.

The size is universal.

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36, 38, 40, 42, 44

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