Perfect is a word we all strive for. In our atelier, we make clothes by hands and we like to see that at first glance. When we say Perfect, we actually mean a perfect combination of an idea and its embodiment by hands. In front of you in this collection is everything that we consider particularly valuable, everything that single hands turned from the spiritual into the material, the best they knew how.
Enjoy the perfect selection from us, for you.


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Crocheted hemp pants

10,000.00 рсд
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Crocheted silk poncho

12,000.00 рсд

Lace Dress

24,000.00 рсд

Wave scarf

14,000.00 рсд
Sold Out
haljina perfect heklana

Crocheted dress

24,000.00 рсд

Black dress

20,000.00 рсд

DINA handwoven vest

22,000.00 рсд

DUNE summer coat

32,000.00 рсд

DUNE poncho

12,000.00 рсд