In the DUNE collection MHM reestablishes a dialogue between the local and what is common to all cultures. In this subtle identification code, the local codes are read through the sequences of seemingly distant cultures. The intersecting point and the only medium in which it is possible to perform is, of course, manual work, in the particular case weaving.
The basic collection conists of scarves and garments made by weaving on hand loom, accompanied by pieces made in canvas made of traditional natural materials cotton and linen.
This special way of weaving cotton fabrics is called “Serbian canvas” and is sometimes used for the production of folk costumes in the Balkans.
All these pieces are enriched with sashes which are named, in serbian people as soul gardians, with the belief that they protect the wearer.
The color pallet is rather restrained and taken from nature, from tawny olive green, through all the warm parts of the spectrum that belongs to light brown, accents in orange and yellow, light blue, and of course, white.
In addition to cotton and linen, silk and wool are used and selected only from yarns that are produced in the traditional way and whose environmental impact is minimal and environmentally aware, MHM postulate embodies the highest postulates of sustainable fashion.


DINA handwoven vest

22,000.00 рсд

DUNE jacket

Original price was: 24,000.00 рсд.Current price is: 20,000.00 рсд.

DUNE summer coat

32,000.00 рсд

DUNE poncho

12,000.00 рсд

DUNE unique bag

12,000.00 рсд

DUNE dress

14,000.00 рсд

DUNE long caftan

13,000.00 рсд

DUNE dress

20,000.00 рсд