Marija Ivanković Jurišić is a textile designer and owner of the Weaving atelier Marija Handmade.
Her dedicated and authentic work is evidenced by the “FLOWER OF SUCCESS FOR A DRAGON WOMAN” award from the Association of Business Women of Serbia and the award from the European Entrepreneurship Network for successful participation in international programs in textiles, as well as the latest award for Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 in creative business awarded by the Regional Cooperation Council.
“We use natural fibers of wool, cotton, silk, hemp and linen to weave our textiles in my atelier. The yarns and canvases we use to create the collections are hand-dyed by natural pigments. We create unique clothing items, fashion details, but also hometextile designs.

 Our mission is to offer everyone unique fabrics enables the skin to breathe and the body feels its best. We carefully select each thread so that the resulting fabrics are good enough to touch your skin or to enrich your living space. Weaving, knitting, sewing, dyeing…we truly love every step as we breathe life into these things. ” When I combine every trip, every adventure, every lesson i’we have learned in my life, starting with tradition and childhood in Serbia, through fashion shows in my native Šabac, Belgrade, Paris, Bern, The Hague and Sydney, I’m talking about who I am, what I do and how I create.
I believe that unique pieces are not created to cover, but to completely blend with our body.
I would like people today to become aware and buy less, but by choosing unique fabrics, colors and models, they get better, which also lasts longer”

Marija Ivanković Jurišić



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