The Roots in our hilly Balkans are the awakening of the Lepenski Vir culture around 7000 AD. The creators of this culture belongs to the oldest European population, the population of the younger Paleolithic.
“The anthropological type is the Cro-Magnon type, but due to microevolutionary changes, which lasted from 100 to 200 generations, this type of gracilization occurred.”
The silhouettes in our ROOTS collection are inspired by mostly feminine figures. The forms of the model start from the primary isosceles triangle, so the collection includes oblique cuts on the upper garments in the form of oblique collars, ranglan sleeves, but also dresses, skirts and trousers straight and A-shaped.
“Fireplaces, stone tables and sculptures are poured into a solid mass of floor made of red limestone” and we have taken this shade of red as the leading color of the collection. It is represented from pastel powdery to muted burgundy tones. There are also natural sandy shades of beige and brown, but also blue in valerian from pastel to darker blue, as a symbol of the river Danube.
The collection is characterized by an embroidered root or tree motif, and in addition to the traditional technique of embroidery on cotton muslin, all other canvases are made using the technique of hand weaving, which is the basic technique of making textiles in our workshop. The materials are cotton and the indispensable fine wool from our area. The collection of clothes for women is complemented by fashion details in the form of woven scarves and knitted cardigans.

From the ROOTS edition, we are preparing a collection of home textiles inspired by the “interiors” of the monumental residential habitats of Lepenski Vir.

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